Pretty faults and petty concerns

OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 16, 2006


Kirra Jamison: Artist Statement

My work explores an intersection of personal narratives and mythical imaginings. As I begin to mature as an artist, personal narratives are released with less resistance into my work. They do so ambiguously and without a centre.

As if illustrating fairytales, I play out small occurrences or emotional shifts in my life in fantastical scenes through indefinite symbols and archetypes. The resulting paintings are dreamlike and emotionally loaded worlds that invite cognitive interpretations and reveal lost sensations in a mediated epoch. This body of work is evocative of dark yearnings and secret desires coming to the surface.

Fairytales are known to be simple and pure expressions of the collective unconscious and thus offer an understanding of the basic patterns of the human psyche. Like many people I am attracted to myths and fables as they enable me to make sense of my own existence in a way that is fluid and not fixed.

I love listening to the stories that are invented by people when they first see a new painting. Each work develops differently depending on the individual encountering it and therefore meanings are always shifting. The interplay between what I offer and what is left open cannot take place without a witness. With every story that is imagined into existence by a viewer the work expands a little more.

Essentially this new work continues to be informed by an interest in how the use of the decorative offers more space for pluralism in meaning; as well as research into the relationship between ornament and the imagination. On a more personal level this body of work represents a moment of transformation and evolution as I define who I am as an artist. I hope that in these paintings you might discover, not only something of my story but also something of your own.