'65% Seahorsel'

JULY 25 - AUGUST 18, 2012






Project Space


'Shaky Ground'



2001 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland 

1995 Advanced Certificate in Professional Photography, Unitec, Auckland 

1994 Certificate in Professional Photography, Unitec, Auckland 



2012 65% Seahorsel, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

2012 Wall of Seahorsel, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia 

2011 Self Medicating: Works by Yvonne Todd, Calder & Lawson Gallery, The University of Waikato 

The Sapphire Aluminium Corp. Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

2010 Iris Paste, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Sets and Subsets, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

2009 The Wall of Man, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Pervasively Yours, The Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui 

2008 Mauve Reaction, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

Dawn of Gland, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2007 Crater of Phlox (with Michael Harrison), Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

The Lamb’s Book of Life, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

Blood in its Various Forms (Incorporating Meat & Liquor), Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia 

2006 Blood, in its Various Forms, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Meat & Liquor, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

2005 Vagrants’ Reception Centre, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2004 The Bone of Jupiter, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

11 Colour Plates, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2003 The Book of Martha, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

2002 Bellevue, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Sea of Tranquility, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

2001 Asthma & Eczema, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2000 Lace 2, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

1999 The Crisis, Fiat Lux, Auckland 

1998 Fleshtone, Rm3, Auckland 

1997 Cabin Fever, Teststrip, Auckland



2011 Peter McLeavey Gallery at the Auckland Art Fair 

Ivan Anthony Gallery at the Auckland Art Fair 

Eyecatch: Jewellery and photography, Objectspace, Auckland 

Scheimpflug Principle: Large format film photography from Elam 1976-2012, B431 Projectspace, The University of Auckland 

What I did Last Summer, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

Animal Spirits, Sugarcube Project Space, Stockholm, Sweden 

2010 Top Ten: New acquisitions for The University of Auckland art collection, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland 

The 17th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 

Unnerved, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia and Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane 

Feminism Never Happened, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia 

Graham, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2009 Körpermuster/Body Patterns, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany 

Kind of Blue: New acquisitions and loans, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin 

From the Depths of Suburbia: Photo-media from Auckland, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland and QCA Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia 

Feelings, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Am I Scared, Boy (Eh): Collection works from then and now, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 

2007 Likeness and Character: Portraits from the Auckland Art Gallery Collection, Auckland Art Gallery 

Pakeha Now!, The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson 

2006 Break: Construct, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 

Recovered Memory, The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson 

A Tale of Two Cities: The 2006 Busan Biennale, Republic of Korea 

Ivan Anthony at the Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne Australia 

Hotpot, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

High Tide: New currents in art from New Zealand and Australia, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw Poland and Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania 

2005 DESIRE, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong 

Return of the Hand, Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui 

I Like This, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

Small World, Big Town: Contemporary Art from Te Papa, City Gallery, Wellington 

Snake Oil: The Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery 

World Famous in NZ, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra, Australia 

Free New Zealand Art, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong and Artspace, Auckland 

Made in New Zealand, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington 

Mixed-up Childhood, Auckland Art Gallery 

High Chair, St. Paul St, Auckland University of Technology 

4 Works by 4 Artists, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2004 Toi Te Papa Art of the Nation 1940 – Today, Te Papa, Wellington 

Lights > Camera > Action: Critical moments from the Govett-Brewster collections 1969 – 2004, Govett- Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

Prospect 2004, City Gallery, Wellington 

Pressing Flesh, Auckland Art Gallery 

2003 Cream and Sugar, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

The Sky’s the Limit, Kusntverein Langenhagen, Germany 

Striking Poses: New Zealand portrait photography, Te Papa, Wellington 

Good Sport, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

2002 Slow Release: Recent photography from New Zealand, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University, Wellington and Heide Musuem of Modern Art, Victoria, Australia 

Break, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 

Flora and Fauna: New aspects of landscape, Rm 401, Auckland 

The Walters Prize, Auckland Art Gallery 

2001 After Killeen: Social observation in art, Artspace, Auckland 

Wastecare, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Alive: Still life into the twenty-first century, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University, Wellington 

The Way we Were: The Fiat Lux retrospective, Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North 

2000 In Glorious Dreams: New art by women, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 

1999 Wonderlands: Contemporary New Zealand art, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 

Sunnynook, The Physics Room, Christchurch and Fiat Lux, Auckland 

We Really Care, Rm3, Auckland 

Only the Lonely: New Artists, Artspace, Auckland 

1998 Leap of Faith: Contemporary New Zealand Art, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 



2002 The Inaugural Walters Prize, judged by Harald Szeemann 



2009 – 2011 Various commissions including Haunted Love album cover, artist Rohan Wealleans and contemporary jeweller Octavia Cook 

2008 Queensland Art Gallery in collaboration with the Australian Tapestry Workshop 



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